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Tile & Grout

Tile is one of the most versatile hard flooring surfaces. It is easy to clean and resistant to moisture problems, so tile is great for bathrooms. It is incredibly durable as well, lasting easily for decades, and if a tile breaks, it can be replaced without having to tear up the whole floor.

If you enjoy your tile flooring for its many benefits, but hate the way the grout doesn't stay clean, Sunbird Cleaning Services can help. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service gives you the pristine grout you're looking for without the endless scrubbing.

Safe Cleaning for Grout

Professional cleaning restores the appearance of your white or tinted grout, removing mold, stains, and grime from deep within the grout's pores. Household cleansers can't get to all the dirt, and mopping can actually force dirty water deeper into the grout.

Sunbird Cleaning Services offers the best grout cleaning methods in the industry today. One of the biggest problems with floor cleaning is that without proper rinsing, detergent residue can attract dirt to your clean floor, building up on the surface and making it harder to get clean. Our tile cleaning methods include floor steam cleaning that melts away dirt and stains before siphoning away the moisture and dirt, leaving your floors residue-free. They will look like you just had new tile installed.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Your business will never get a second chance to make a first impression on your customers. That's why Sunbird Cleaning Services offers flexible scheduling for our commercial tile cleaning customers, with seven-day-a-week availability. Avoid the negative impressions from dirty grout in your public restrooms with our commercial tile cleaning service.

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Tile and grout cleaning by Sunbird Cleaning Services is the affordable way to give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover. Call us today at 443-619-7322.

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