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Hardwood Floor Treatment

Hardwood Floor Refinishing near Bel Air, MD

When your wood floor just doesn't look as good as it used to, there is no reason to panic. We have the solution to your problem, right here in Bel Air, MD. Whether the finish has dulled or the floor boards are damaged, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Bel Air South can repair and restore the appearance of solid wood, engineered wood, bamboo and cork flooring. Whether plank flooring or parquet, we will make your floors look great again.

Screen and Recoat - a Makeover for Wood Flooring

Homes and businesses alike choose hardwood flooring for its elegant appearance, durability and sustainability. And the appearance of the floor depends a great deal on the type of finish that was applied. When the finish has become worn and scratched, the whole room can begin to look rundown.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Bel Air South is expert at rejuvenating worn but intact finishes with our screen and recoat service. Our team evens out surface scratches with a light sanding before skillfully applying the new finish.

The Art of Wood Floor Refinishing

When damage to the floor means that a screen and recoat won't make it look good, wood floor refinishing is the answer. Wood floor refinishing and restoration requires skill and experience for the best results.

Not everyone has what it takes to refinish wood floors so they look new again. Flawless sanding is very hard to do unless you are experienced. And the problem is that inexperienced refinishers can actually leave drum marks and chatter marks on the floor in the course of sanding and refinishing. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Bel Air South will sand your floor to bare boards, removing any trace of the previous finish, and we can also remove scratches and dents along the way, or repair them invisibly with wood putty. With a pristine new finish, your floor will look new again.

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Need a More Thorough Hardwood Refinishing or Restoration?

Hardwood RevivalHardwood Revival is the address. They are artists of hardwood refinishing, sanding, restoration and maintenance. If you value your hardwood floors, whether they are full hardwood or engineered wood, you want Hardwood Revival Hardwood Floor Refinishing done on your floors.

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