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Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Testing Services

Mold growing in your home cannot always be detected by the naked eye, but that mildew smell, spots, and stains can give a valuable hint that there is indoor mold. Mold can grow on paper, cardboard, insulation, drywall, and carpet - mold can grow anywhere, even inside air ducts when there is dust and debris to feed it. Mold problems can lead to serious property damage and health issues if not addressed immediately and properly. Yes, you read that right, mold can affect your health. If you are ever wondering why your cough and cold drag on and never go away, it can be due to mold exposure. Mold can trigger allergies, cause chronic lung disease, and even worsen asthma. If you are planning to resell your property, mold decreases its value. Do not let this happen to you!

Living Mold-free Starts Here

Take the first step in living a mold-free life. Mold testing plays a key role in mold remediation, which is what is required to take care of indoor mold growth once and for all. We provide a thorough inspection and collect testing samples in order to determine the presence of mold in your property. We will also investigate possible sources of moisture that could encourage continued mold growth.

Mold Testing Services We Offer

Our state-of-the-art service provides superior expertise when it comes to mold detection through mold sampling and testing.

We offer an array of mold detection services in Bel Air, including:

  • Air and surface sampling - Air sampling includes a structured method of checking the level of mold spores present in the house. Surface sampling on the other hand includes tape and swab samples to be examined in a microbiology laboratory.
  • Visual mold inspection - Visual inspection should be done by an expert eye, trained to check for signs of mold growth to help determine the affected areas.
  • Checking the source of moisture - Molds thrive in a moist environment. Hence, knowing where you have extra moisture can help. Mold may be hiding in your windowsills, pipes, insulation and leaky roofs and showers.
  • Black mold detection - Expert detection of black mold is needed as it is very harmful when you get exposed as it releases mycotoxin.

The Cost of Mold Testing

Mold testing costs vary from case to case, depending on the number of testing samples required. Our testing experts are experienced and know exactly how to test and where to test to make sure you receive meaningful results that you can rely on. Additional testing can also be done should something come up from the first sample testing.

Save on Renovation Costs with Early Mold Detection

If you are planning to renovate your home or building soon whether to increase comfort and functionality of your property or just merely to appraise value, early detection of mold is beneficial. According to a study, mold colony can cost homeowners around $600 to $1400 for a 50 square foot area - Imagine that! Fully damaged property caused by mold equals to a lot of money during renovation. It is like building from scratch once again as all your materials are stripped away and disposed of due to mold growth. Be a champion in safeguarding your assets. If you are looking for a professional mold testing service near you, you are on the right page.

We provide air sampling tests, home mold testing, mold detection service, black mold testing and many more ways to get the information you need. Leave your mold problem in our hands. Save your home and secure the safety of your health by starting the path to eliminating mold in your home.

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